We’ve Updated!

Have you seen the new HysterSisters Accessory Set?

We added our great new canvas tote AND a notepad! Along with the tumbler, set of notecards, and pen – it’s a great way to show your support!


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Solution for your problem!

If painful sex is a problem you have, look no further.

Created by sex therapists, these silicone vaginal dilators will help ease that issue.

Using different sizes, and over time, they can help with

  • Vaginismus
  • Vaginal Shortening
  • Vaginal Vault Prolapse
  • Painful sex (dyspareunia)
  • Menopause (vulva vaginal atrophy, or VVA)
  • Cancer treatments (including chemotherapy and radiation therapy)
  • Post-surgical vaginal swelling


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-Bluebird Sisters

New T-Shirt Line!

The HysterSisters store has added new T-Shirts to spread the word (and love!) about HysterSisters!

We have a few different, and styles – something for everyone!

They are on sale for a limited time, so be sure to check them out and order yours today!


Just click on the photo and head over to the store!

-The Bluebird Sisters

Hot Flash Gift Set

Struggling with hot flashes, or know someone else who is? We have the perfect solution for you.



Our Hot Flash Gift Set is perfect for yourself, or as a gift to your friend. It contains The Menopause Book, a cooling scarf, and a bottle of liquid cornstarch. The cornstarch will help to keep your skin silky smooth and prevent chaffing!  The cooling scarf can be used hundreds of times and provide immediate relief from the heat! The book is an all in one bible for women approaching or experiencing menopause.

Packaged together the Hot Flash Gift Set saves you over $24!

Neogyn Feminine Soothing Cream

neogynEstrogen free and easy to apply, Neogyn can help ease the pain of feminine discomfort.

Neogyn is gentle and is free of parabens and propylene glycol, frequently found in feminine care products, which may cause irritation. The cream does not contain anesthetics or analgesics (e.g.: lidocaine, benzocaine) which may dull sensation. It is free of color additives, fragrances, petrolatum and mineral oil.

With results showing in as little as 6-8 weeks, it is definitely worth it to give Neogyn a shot to restore your comfort and well-being.