Cleaning your Hysterectomy Incision

Whether you had an abdominal hysterectomy incision (bikini cut or vertical cut) or whether you had laparoscopic hysterectomy or daVinci Robotic hysterectomy, taking care of your incision should be easy. Find out more about taking care of your hysterectomy incision at the HysterSisters website.

Most of the time, your stitches will be removed within days of your surgery. In many cases, before you leave the hospital.

Keep your external incision/s dry. If you take a short shower, pat your incision dry. Wear loose clothing and be careful not to wear undergarments that can rub or irritate your incisions. Stay away from baths until your surgeon has released you to take a soak.

If your incision looks slightly icky, you can try using a cotton-topped stick with hydrogen peroxide to carefully clean the edge, removing any crusty debris. But if your incision looks angry, is oozing fluid or pus, be sure and call your doctor’s office.

Most HysterSisters find that the Abdominal Binder (both adjusted and closed with velcro) are a great way to comfort your incision.

If you had a vaginal hysterectomy, you will not have external incisions. If you had anterior or posterior repairs, you may have an episiotomy-like incision, if so, the first thing to remember is to avoid sitting. For immediate relief, use a peri-bottle filled with water as hot as you can stand it to spray over the area, every time you visit the washroom. If you were not given one when you left the hospital, you can use a sterilized plastic condiment bottle: it will be just as efficient. Another option is to use a clean wash-cloth that has been thoroughly soaked in hot water.

When you are discharged from the hospital your doctor will give you written instructions for pain medications and when to call the doctor’s office or head to ER. In most cases you should call or head out if you experience:

  • severe nausea/vomiting
  • increased pain
  • fever greater than 101 degrees for 24 hours
  • difficulty breathing
  • unusual bleeding
  • leg pain

Always call your doctor’s office with any concerns you have about your health.

For more information about hysterectomy products for your tummy, click here. The HysterSisters recommend these products!

Caring for your Abdominal Hysterectomy Incision and Tummy

abdominalbinderIf your hysterectomy was through an abdominal incision, you might be home and wondering how to care for your incision and tender tummy.

First of all, keep your incision dry. If you take a quick shower, pat your incision completely dry. Usually its best not to wear under garments that may rub against the incision, irritating it.  Be sure and rest and do not do any lifting. Overdoing things can stress your incision. (Note: If your incision is hot, running a fever, is oozing liquid, its important to call your doctor’s office right away.)

After your incision is healing and you need extra support, the abdominal binder is a perfect product to wrap around your tummy to give you the added support you need!

And once you are back on your feet and carrying on with your normal activities, we’ve found the best light-weight control panties just for you! We carry two different styles and we think they are both perfect for after abdominal surgery. Try our best seller style and the cotton style! Both are perfectly comfy on your tummy for your back to life activities while your tummy still needs a bit of support!

Easy Reacher – Gopher

When you are laying in bed or on the couch following your hysterectomy its hard to bend over and pick up stuff. Its even hard to reach the remote control.Â

We’ve found this gadget, Easy Reacher – Gopher, to be a great helper when its hard to reach up or reach down to grab what you need.

Its easy to fold away for easy storage. It has a a trigger lock to hold the object easily. It has super suction cups for picking up even small things. It can extend your reach by about three feet!

Check it out in the HysterSisters Store. Use it during your recovery from your hysterectomy and you’ll also find lots of uses for it afterwards too.

Cool Secret Cooling Accessory

Last year a product creator called the HysterSisters Store to share her new product with us. She sent samples. We ordered!

Its a simple yet elegant answer to those menopause hot flashes.

At last…A personal cooling accessory that combines fashion and function. Take the luxury of Dupioni silk, add a patented cooling technology and you have “COOL SECRET“.

It really does keep you cool, comfortable and dry for up to two hours.

We like that you can wear it to the office and no one would ever guess that the lovely silk scarf you are wearing is actually keeping you cool.

Wear it discreetly at the office.
Wear is at home to save on air-conditioning.
Wear it while doing your favorite sports.
Wear it when at the gym.

It comes in black, off-white and champagne colors.

And while you are ordering yours, add an extra insert. You can keep one insert in the freezer for a quick switch. (The extra insert only adds $5.00 to the cost of the Cool Secret.) Simply freeze insert. Slide insert with clear side toward the body for maximum cooling and GO!

Chillow Plus®

Love the Chillow? Need it to cool on both sides to help cool you off from those night sweats, hot flashes or other menopausal symptoms?

The HysterSisters Store has sold the Chillow for years and the customers raved. Now, from the manufacturer, Soothsoft, we have another winning product.

The Chillow Plus is not designed as a replacement but as a new addition to our basic Chillow. The Chillow Plus uses the same Soothsoft Technology as the original Chillow but offers more features and benefits listed below.

Presenting the “Backside” – Hydro-Soothe membrane doubles your cooling pleasure while supple top sheet gives you instant relief and memory foam comfort.

New Hydro-Soothe membrane backside allows double sided cooling

New improved inner core

Improved heat dissipation

New design / color

Soft, comfortable, flexible surface wipes clean and is allergy free.

Does not need refrigeration

Once activated the Chillow® will keep on working without the need to activate again.

With one activation the Chillow Plus provides relief for restless leg syndrome, fibromyalgia, chemotherapy, or just simple aches and pains.

The Chillow Plus holds more water for greater cooling capacity. It includes stick on rubber feet and Velcro fixings to customize the Chillow Plus for a temporary wrap. Arm or leg injury? Wrap it around you and secure it with the included velcro pieces to hold it in place. Not just for your bed anymore, the Chillow Plus is perfect for all those other times you need personal cooling.

Be aware that the HysterSisters Store does not accept returns on the Chillow or Chillow Plus. Rather, customers should contact the manufacturer directly for defect warranty.


Night-time relief from those menopausal symptoms of night sweats and hot flashes from Chillow®.

You wake up hot, sweaty and feeling like you want to jump into a tub of ice water. Call it a hot flash, a hot flush or night sweats, what you’ve had is one of the more unpleasant side effects that often occur during the menopausal years. Its also great for those days you are recovering from your hysterectomy!

With the Chillow® in or on your pillow, you have a wonderfully cool spot to lay your head. That coolness allows you to relax, fall asleep faster, and stay cool for hours. The Chillow® absorbs the extra heat and releases it to the surrounding air. Some women who suffer more than normal, will put their Chillow® in the fridge for 20 minutes or so before bedtime to get extra cooling power. Others keep a second Chillow® on the floor next to their bed and when their body heat has warmed up the first one, they swap. Chillow® relief is instant and amazing.

A marvel of technology and design, activate the Chillow® once and it will give years of cool comfort while you sleep, read, or relax. Your Chillow® can also relieve headaches, sunburns, backaches and more. No uncomfortable frozen gel-pack can do as much. What’s more The Chillow® is environmentally friendly non-electric and non-toxic.

This product is a hot-selling-item in the HysterSisters Store.

Truth be told, we usually ship these out bundled two at a time. Many customers like to put one inside their pillow and one under their feet or upper back.

The basic Chillow is perfect for one-sided relief while the Chillow Plus® (see other post) is cooling on two sides. Which one you choose depends on your personal needs.

Perfect cooling for those menopausal symptoms!

Be aware that the HysterSisters does not accept returns on the Chillow or Chillow Plus. Rather, customers should contact the manufacturer directly for defect warranty.

Control top Panties

Years ago when I had my hysterectomy and I was released from my doctor to head back to work, my tummy did not quite feel ready. I still felt guarded about my tender belly and still wanted something to support me.

I headed to the store and purchased three pairs of control top panties. It was the perfect solutions.

When the HysterSisters Store found a source for providing light-weight control top panties in the exact same brand at a wonderful price when buying in gigantic bulk, we jumped at the chance. We knew it was the next step for tummy care.

From Hanes we found several different styles we liked. In fact, we couldn’t decide which ones we liked best. We ordered the styles we thought would be the best and wore them (under our clothes of course!) around the HysterSIsters offices for a while before we decided. We had daily chats about what we liked about them or what wasn’t quite right. In the end, we chose two we liked best!

Bali Cotton Control top Brief:

Notice the fabric content: 93% Cotton, 7% Spandex with Crotch lining 100% cotton. The washing tag says to hang these dry. We don’t know about you, but all our underwear goes into the dryer. If yours does too, these may shrink a bit in the washer and dryer so plan your order SIZE accordingly.

Customers who like this style say that their favorite part is the cotton content. Lightweight. Comfy. Yet provides added support as you go back to work!

Body by Bali Tummy Panel Brief – Light Control: This panty is our best seller. Its beige in color and is stretchy all over. Made with 86% nylon and 14% spandex, its perfectly comfy across your tummy. Crotch Lining: 100% cotton.

Customers who purchased this style (and it is our best selling panty!) like it because it is extra stretchy! It provides great support and covers over the tummy area.

Notice that the HysterSisters Store packages three into a package for your convenience and savings. Wear a pair, wash a pair and have a pair to wear tomorrow!

The pricing is great too. Normally these panties have a 11.00 each price tag. Packaged together they are a bit over $8.00 per pair which is 3 for $24.99. Perfect bargains for your tummy care!

These panties have received applause from thankful HysterSisters everywhere. Order a package or two! (Many customers order a package of Bali Cotton Control top Brief and the Body by Bali Tummy Panel Brief – Light Control panties too!

Abdominal Binder – More Tummy Care

The main helpful products for hysterectomy recovery centers around tummy care. The incision. The swelling. The feeling your insides were going to fall down to the ground from your now weak stomach muscles.

Its stretchy. Its snug. Its washable! (Bonus, right?!)

The HysterSisters Abdominal Binder is perfect for your tummy when your incision is healed up and you are getting back on your feet more and more each day. This is for the next phase of healing.

It uses velcro for easy wearing and adjustments.

Its 6 inches wide for comfort and support. This size is key to comfort for you. Most abdominal binders given to hysterectomy patients are 9″ or more. Those tend to dig into the ribs, gouge the legs and swim around without staying in place. On top of all of that we’ve found those 9″ binders are snug in places you don’t want them snug and not snug enough across the tummy.

**Hint: You can buy two binders from the HysterSisters store for a reduced price, saving a few dollars. On top of that, the store can ship two for the price of one because they weigh so little.

And both the Swelly Belly Band and the HysterSisters Abdominal Binder are reimbursable by most medical insurances in the US. Use HSPCS code: L0920. (If this code doesn’t work for your insurance company, we are so sorry but the store can not provide you with additional insurance information nor support.

Sizes available:

Princess/Extra Princess = 28 – 50 inches wide. Perfect for most sizes! (Choose size below)

Queen = 50 – 58 inches wide (choose size below)

Returns: This product can only be returned if still in its original, non-opened plastic package. If you receive this product and want to return it, do not open it.