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Hysterectomy recovery aids and tools. Use for surgery recovery to make life easier.

No Rinse Products

No water needed! Take a bath and do your hair from the comfort of your bed. The HysterSisters LOVE these products! Convenience! Easy! We have grouped the 3 awesome No Rinse products together to save you money!

You get the No Rinse Body Wash, No Rinse Shampoo, and No Rinse Conditioner for only $15!

Body BathWhen diluted in warm water, this Body Bath is great for cleansing the entire body. Excellent for the delicate perianal area, eliminating odors without the need for rinsing. Gentle, safe, non-irritating. Used by NASA and Hyster Sisters!

No Rinse Shampoo:  Are you kidding me? We can wash our hair without water and without getting out of bed? This ready-to-use product can be warmed in the microwave so you can enjoy the soothing comfort of a warm shampoo! No rinsing! Follow with our No Rinse Conditioner if desired, and then towel dry or use a blow dryer. Leaves hair soft, manageable, and smelling clean! Can be used as often as necessary! 8 ounce bottle is used full strength.

No Rinse Hair Conditioner Use it after our No Rinse Shampoo for a complete clean hair experience without getting out of bed! Instantly eliminates snarls and tangles with no greasiness. Leaves hair easy to manage and beautifully lustrous. Great to use after any shampoo as a “leave-in conditioner” and detangler! Can be used as often as necessary!

Read more about the HysterSisters No Rinse Products. Buy them individually or together for a great savings.

Mesh Panties for Hysterectomy Recovery


mesh panties

These mesh panties are perfect for holding peri pads securely during recovery. The panties really stretchy and light, making it perfect for the post op belly. You will probably get a few of these at the hospital. Love them? You can order more.

They are not just great for vaginal hysterectomies, but for vaginal prolapse and A&P as well! Easy to clean, just handwash, and air dry and they come in a set of two. (2)

Great for use with our peri cool packsCheck these out in the HysterSisters Store.

Natural Woman Progesterone Cream

If you are dealing with menopause – before or after a hysterectomy – you might be interested in managing your hormone balance with progesterone cream.

Natural Woman Progesterone Cream contains 2 oz. (500 mg progesterone per ounce) and is one of a very few that has been Kosher-Certified by Rabbinical Supervision. Formulated from all natural ingredients. Does NOT contain alcohol, methylparaben, propylparaben, Dong Quai, or Cramp Bark! Listed in Dr. John R. Lee’s book “WHAT YOUR DOCTOR MAY NOT TELL YOU ABOUT PREMENOPAUSE” on page 355. Usage instructions are included. Read more about progesterone.


Night-time relief from those menopausal symptoms of night sweats and hot flashes from Chillow®.

You wake up hot, sweaty and feeling like you want to jump into a tub of ice water. Call it a hot flash, a hot flush or night sweats, what you’ve had is one of the more unpleasant side effects that often occur during the menopausal years. Its also great for those days you are recovering from your hysterectomy!

With the Chillow® in or on your pillow, you have a wonderfully cool spot to lay your head. That coolness allows you to relax, fall asleep faster, and stay cool for hours. The Chillow® absorbs the extra heat and releases it to the surrounding air. Some women who suffer more than normal, will put their Chillow® in the fridge for 20 minutes or so before bedtime to get extra cooling power. Others keep a second Chillow® on the floor next to their bed and when their body heat has warmed up the first one, they swap. Chillow® relief is instant and amazing.

A marvel of technology and design, activate the Chillow® once and it will give years of cool comfort while you sleep, read, or relax. Your Chillow® can also relieve headaches, sunburns, backaches and more. No uncomfortable frozen gel-pack can do as much. What’s more The Chillow® is environmentally friendly non-electric and non-toxic.

This product is a hot-selling-item in the HysterSisters Store.

Truth be told, we usually ship these out bundled two at a time. Many customers like to put one inside their pillow and one under their feet or upper back.

The basic Chillow is perfect for one-sided relief while the Chillow Plus® (see other post) is cooling on two sides. Which one you choose depends on your personal needs.

Perfect cooling for those menopausal symptoms!

Be aware that the HysterSisters does not accept returns on the Chillow or Chillow Plus. Rather, customers should contact the manufacturer directly for defect warranty.

Abdominal Binder – More Tummy Care

The main helpful products for hysterectomy recovery centers around tummy care. The incision. The swelling. The feeling your insides were going to fall down to the ground from your now weak stomach muscles.

Its stretchy. Its snug. Its washable! (Bonus, right?!)

The HysterSisters Abdominal Binder is perfect for your tummy when your incision is healed up and you are getting back on your feet more and more each day. This is for the next phase of healing.

It uses velcro for easy wearing and adjustments.

Its 6 inches wide for comfort and support. This size is key to comfort for you. Most abdominal binders given to hysterectomy patients are 9″ or more. Those tend to dig into the ribs, gouge the legs and swim around without staying in place. On top of all of that we’ve found those 9″ binders are snug in places you don’t want them snug and not snug enough across the tummy.

**Hint: You can buy two binders from the HysterSisters store for a reduced price, saving a few dollars. On top of that, the store can ship two for the price of one because they weigh so little.

And both the Swelly Belly Band and the HysterSisters Abdominal Binder are reimbursable by most medical insurances in the US. Use HSPCS code: L0920. (If this code doesn’t work for your insurance company, we are so sorry but the store can not provide you with additional insurance information nor support.

Sizes available:

Princess/Extra Princess = 28 – 50 inches wide. Perfect for most sizes! (Choose size below)

Queen = 50 – 58 inches wide (choose size below)

Returns: This product can only be returned if still in its original, non-opened plastic package. If you receive this product and want to return it, do not open it.