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Neogyn Feminine Soothing Cream

neogynEstrogen free and easy to apply, Neogyn can help ease the pain of feminine discomfort.

Neogyn is gentle and is free of parabens and propylene glycol, frequently found in feminine care products, which may cause irritation. The cream does not contain anesthetics or analgesics (e.g.: lidocaine, benzocaine) which may dull sensation. It is free of color additives, fragrances, petrolatum and mineral oil.

With results showing in as little as 6-8 weeks, it is definitely worth it to give Neogyn a shot to restore your comfort and well-being.


Very Private pH Balanced Body Wash

Some women report that they have a hard time find body washes that are gentle, without fragrance and will not cause yeast infections. This body wash is extra good. It is commonly recommended for women who suffer from reoccurrent urinary tract infection or vaginal infections. 

Basically- the pH in the vaginal area is a natural protector. We never see yeast infections when the vaginal pH is normal. It is when the pH becomes out of balance that infections or irritations set in. 

Very Private pH balanced Body Wash is a gentle, low-sudsing body cleansing formula offering three important skin benefits:

* It is gentle and soothing yet cleanses well.
* It contains effective moisturizers to smooth and condition the skin while it cleanses.
* It is formulated with effective anti-fungal and anti-bacterial protection to help prevent vaginal irritations with each use.

Read more about Very Private Body Wash.

Vaginal Dilators

If you are concerned about a shortened vagina or struggling with issues related to vaginismus, painful sex or vaginal prolapse, your doctor may have talked to you about using vaginal dilators as treatment.

There is no need to be embarassed. The HysterSisters store carries dilators in various sizes and sold in sets. Dilators have helped many women alleviate sexual pain and restore sexual function. Additionally, vaginal dilators can also help with pelvic floor therapy along with vaginal estrogen therapy. They are not, however, meant for stimulation.

If you feel like you could benefit from vaginal dilation therapy, talk to your doctor. If you and your doctor determine that this is the route to take, you can order your set at the HysterSIsters store. Read more about vaginal dilators.

Very Private Intimate Moisture

If you have had a hysterectomy and are managing menopause too, you might be experiencing vaginal dryness. Once you have fully recovered from your surgery and your doctor has released you for intimacy, consider a vaginal moisturizer like Very Private Intimate Moisture. The HysterSIsters Store has a lot of customers who order this product every few months.

This product is extremely effective and consumer friendly ? feels as natural as a woman’s own moisture- no stickiness, no residue and no superfluous ingredients to change the natural vaginal environment.

Concentrate formula, approx. 64 applications) 2 OZ.

- FDA tested for safety
- gynecologist approved
- dermatologist approved
- sexologist approved
- ph balanced
- hypo-allergenic
- water soluble
- no fragrance
- no chemical dyes or colors
- protects tissue
- a feminine daily moisturizer

This product is also recommended by several teaching hospitals such as MD Anderson, and Cedars Sinai departments of gynecology, FDA approved to be marketed as a 501 (K) medical device. 

Read more about it or order here: Very Private Intimate Moisture.