Caring for your Abdominal Hysterectomy Incision and Tummy

abdominalbinderIf your hysterectomy was through an abdominal incision, you might be home and wondering how to care for your incision and tender tummy.

First of all, keep your incision dry. If you take a quick shower, pat your incision completely dry. Usually its best not to wear under garments that may rub against the incision, irritating it.  Be sure and rest and do not do any lifting. Overdoing things can stress your incision. (Note: If your incision is hot, running a fever, is oozing liquid, its important to call your doctor’s office right away.)

After your incision is healing and you need extra support, the abdominal binder is a perfect product to wrap around your tummy to give you the added support you need!

And once you are back on your feet and carrying on with your normal activities, we’ve found the best light-weight control panties just for you! We carry two different styles and we think they are both perfect for after abdominal surgery. Try our best seller style and the cotton style! Both are perfectly comfy on your tummy for your back to life activities while your tummy still needs a bit of support!